Set On Random.

Thinking all those romantic thoughts like, “stop talking,” and “put my cock in your mouth”. 

Thinking about what I like about watching people fuck. Watching real people, doing embarrassing things. Moments of real life. Real lust. Real stupidity and regret. 

Or just well-paid pros getting smashed good and hard. People who know how to fuck for a living. Competent. Flashy. Well-lit. Big names. Big cocks. Big tits. Hard at it. 

People are such tricky things. Sometimes you just want to hold them down and make them cum like it’s a punishment. 

(via painslutx)

Facing It

She wants to be fucked by a stranger, or maybe a stranger’s pet slave. She wants to know that she’s being taken by something dirty, somebody wrong. She can’t cum unless there’s some perversity involved.

You want to get involved? 

Sure you do. You want to take her lust and shove it up inside yourself. You want to eat her pussy until it’s trickling down your throat.

You reach out for her, your fingers getting lost in her wide open holes. You struggle to maintain coherency, even as she compels you to orgasm as easily as you might order out for pizza.

She finishes up on your face.

How Odd.


This seemed near symmetrical or something. 


Getting Away But Not Really

She wants to be disgusting. Deplorable. She wants to writhe on the floor and be fucked by animals. She wants to lose herself to filth. Nothing regulated. No rules.

She sits quietly in her parent’s home, wearing clean underwear and going to bed early. She seems more private than shy. She doesn’t have a job right now, but she got very good marks in school.

She studies herself in front of a mirror when she masturbates. She fantasizes about violence and bad mistakes. Lapses in judgement. Abuse. An internal struggle made into flesh. She thinks about being hit, and taken with force. Events beyond her control.

She wants to slit herself open and crawl outside. She paws nervously at her own cunt, like she’s trying to escape.